Brace yourselves! I am going to share a little of the AfricanEnglishAmerican me…with you. Sometimes while facing my laptop, surrounded by conference calling outsourced consultants, these come to mind. These are memories you would call priceless, all when I was living in Ethiopia!

  •  The stunning long range view of two very different Lakes ‘Abijatta’ (shallow and pink from all the flamingoes) and ‘Shala’ (dark, volcanic and deepest lake in the Rift Valley) split by a narrow hill range in the Rift Valley basin
  • The sound of the ‘Kuku melokete’ bird first thing in the morning when camping at Lake Langano
  • Gash Tesemma’s road rage on the way to school: ‘Ante goma ras!’ (You rubber head!)
  • My Grandma, god bless her, kissing my face 1000 times after a week of not seeing her..
  • The excitement of getting to wear something sleeveless without Mom going ‘Yeberdeshal’ (You will get cold!)
  • The heat of the hot spring showers at Wendo-Genet…sigh!
  • Refusing to shower naked in Wendo-genet…argh!
  • The boys trying to hide me from my dad when he drove up right outside a house party I had lied about…(long story)
  • Waiting up till 3am to have a meat feast the day fasting is over!
  • Refusing to return my best friends VHS recordings of American sitcoms…
  • Thinking ‘How are we going to kiss when he is wearing those damn glasses?’ on my first kiss
  • My best friends faces after I came back from having my first kiss…
  • The sounds of the rain (real rain!) on the corrugated iron roof (best cure to insomnia!)
  • Beautiful sounds of prayer coming from surrounding churches and mosques every morning, very early morning (just too early!)
  • Never having to do my bed (laundrywhat? Uh..uh)
  • Watching A LOT of movies…(all the movies you have watched for sure!). Dad had an EPIC library where anyone who borrowed one had to sign a death warrant if they did not return it on time.
  • Our first night out in a club (Club Vogue) where the dance-floor would light up…Mom waited up all night!
  • Ms Walrond whispering “You were my favourite” at her leaving party…only to find out that she said the same to everyone else!
  • Practicing dance moves at my best friend’s house so we could burn the dance floor at the day party on Friday! (“Show me that move by Brandy again?”)
  • My obsession with getting to school on time (of course, this desire fizzled out as the years went along)
  • My dads tears and my excitement on the day I left (“Yes, I finally get out of here”)
  • The first time I went back…10 kilos bigger (“wey lije…men akelsh?”/”oh dear child…how big did you get?”)
  • My obsession with Ethiopia ever since….












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